Plan your playlist like David Guetta

David Guetta gets ready to play Festival shows by putting together a playlist. He sequences them together to hear how the mixes will sound in a real environment. You can do the same thing with our Mashup software and the same algorithm that David Guetta is using (he's been using our software called Mixed In Key for 10 years)

Tell a story with your mix

The goal of a DJ should be to tell a story through your mix, to create new and fresh sounds and experiences by blending music tastefully, and carefully. Oftentimes this comes down to track choice and harmonic transitions between said tracks.

This is where Mixed In Key’s Mashup software comes into play.

Analyze your music for harmonic compatibility

You can easily select the tracks we’ve been planning to play out and import them into Mashup's browser by dragging the files or playlists from iTunes or Finder.

Browse your MP3 and WAV files

Immediately Mashup starts to analyze those files, tagging and sorting them by bpm and track info.

Get mashup ideas

Once you select your first song from your playlist, you can now sort the rest of the tracks by harmonic compatibility to easily view which songs from your playlist mix well with others.

See which songs are in the same key

From here you can use the program as a reference point. You can now carefully plan out the mix with visual cues to what songs will mix well together. Create and record the mix directly in Mashup by editing the audio together by dragging more files into the Mashup window.

Mix them together like a DJ

Edit your tracks

With a right click you can split, cut, copy and paste your audio in order to manipulate it to your desired outcome.

Adjust your volume envelopes

In the right hand side of your track selections you can alter the BPM, phase and volume parameters for quick beat matching, subtle editing and 3rd party VST plugin action.

Use your VST plugins for compression, EQ, reverb and more.

Craft your own sound

With these tools we can quickly edit the audio to create breathtaking intros, tension building breakdowns, and uniquely mashed tracks for an unforgettable live performance.

Mixed In Key’s Mashup Software is a powerful tool and helpful asset to any DJs arsenal, beginner or advanced. Get the software, and read more articles to become a mashup maker:

Get Inspired. Make Your Own Music.

Producing mashups doesn’t require expensive tools. You just need inspiration and this software. Start creating music today with Mashup 2.