1. Open your Mashup software: 

Empty UI


2. Drag music from iTunes or your hard drive into the browser:

Drag and drop


3. Mashup will detect which tracks are compatible with each other:



4. Choose the first track.  We will use "Eric Prydz - Mighty Love."  Drag it into the Audio Timeline:

Eric Prydz


5. Mashup will refresh its browser and show what's compatible with your choice:

Harmonic compatibility

A value of 100 means the mashup will be harmonic.  A value of 0 means it will be dissonant. 


6. Let's add "The Bloody Beetroots - Chronicles of a Fallen Love" as our second track:

Eric Prydz and Bloody Beetroots

You can add as many tracks as you want, and even create a mixtape from 20 different ones.


7. How to understand Mashup's audio waves:

Audio Waves


8. Mashup will beatmatch your tracks automatically.  Line up the beats and hear the results:

Useful hint: When you're using our Mashup Software, you can press the Spacebar to play and stop the audio.


You have total creative freedom.  Now let's make your mashup sound great.


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