Create Your Own Mashups

Get Started In 5 Minutes

We had a simple idea.  We wanted to create our mashups in 5 minutes or less, but there was no easy way to do it.

We created Mashup software to help you beatmatch tracks and save your results to new audio files.  It's like an ultra-fast audio editor with professional-quality beatmatching.

Here is what you can do:

  • Add an acapella to an instrumental track
  • Play several tracks at once, and create a fluid mashup between them
  • Create a chillout version of a song by deleting segments that have drums
  • Extend the song and add a good intro beat for easier mixing in Traktor and Serato
  • Create a mixtape with your favorite music, and save it as one continuous mix
  • Make a radio show or podcast entirely in our Mashup software

Create Harmonic Mashups

“Imagine a band playing together, and the singer sounds out of tune, sounds awful, right.  The same with mixing.” -DJ Prince

Mashup software helps you create 100% harmonically-compatible mashups and will eliminate key clashes.

Nominated as the Best DJ Tool of the Year

Watch the videos to see you can use Mashup: