1. To adjust the overall tempo, click on the Gear icon:


Since beatmatching is automatic, Mashup will automatically warp all your tracks to match the master tempo.  There's nothing extra you need to do.


However, there are two ways you can make beatmatching more precise:

1) Give Mashup a more accurate BPM for each track

2) Adjust the "Phase" of the beat, which moves it by a few milliseconds forwards or backwards.


2. Here is where Mashup shows you the original BPM for each track as it was produced:

This value is adjustable.  When you click on "128.00", Mashup lets you type in a more accurate value.  For example, if you think that the track was produced at 128 BPM instead of 127.99, type in "128".  This can improve beatmatching.  Think of this value as "What would the track's BPM be if I played it in iTunes without any DJ equipment?"


3. The other improvement comes from using the Phase buttons.  Zoom in all the way.  Each time you click the "Phase Left" or "Phase Right" buttons, it moves the beat a few milliseconds forward or backwards while keeping the track beatmatched. 

You can use the Phase Left and Phase Right buttons to match the drums perfectly.


4. Remember that the "master tempo" in the Gear icon is what determines the BPM of your mashup, and the rest is done automatically. 


Next, we'll show you how to mix two songs together.

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