Add acapellas and vocals to your instrumental tracks

Our Mashup Software takes mashups to the next level by allowing you to combine different songs into one seamless mix. It was created by the same team that made Mixed In Key, which means that Mashup has our harmonic mixing "Key Detection" algorithm built in. It analyzes the key of your music and helps you find tracks in the same key.

Plan out your set by creating flawless mashups between vocal and instrumental tracks creating a mix of your favorite songs.

  • Find the key of your music

    To start out, open Mashup and compile your playlist via dragging files from a source folder or iTunes into the software.

    Once your playlist is composed, Mashup begins to analyze the music.

    Choose acapellas to analyze
  • Choose songs that are 100% compatible

    By looking at the harmonic compatibility sorting of the tracks you can now visually identify different songs that will mix well together.

    Find harmonic matches
  • Mix vocals and beats

    Choose from either instrumentals or acapella to create an individualized blend of songs in minutes. Try playing with different sequences of the tracks, mixing and curating new ideas and sounds using Mashup’s easy to use interface.

    Select MP3 files to mashup

Download acapellas online

Finding acapellas online is fairly easy. You can choose from royalty-free loops from websites such as LoopMasters and Looperman, or browse through the greatest pop hits on websites such as Acapellas4U and Datpiff Acapellas.

Create a natural flow

The best mashups have a natural flow. Think about two vocalists singing on stage with each other. Are they competing and yelling over each other, or letting the other person finish?

A good mashup is like that.

Play around with the software and figure out what sounds good for yourself.

Get Inspired. Make Your Own Music.

Producing mashups doesn’t require expensive tools. You just need inspiration and this software. Start creating music today with Mashup 2.